My Baby shower

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  This past weekend I had my baby shower!!!!!!!! It was amazing.   I cannot thank Diana and the rest of my family enough for putting together such an amazing day, they sure know how to make a momma-to-be feel special.  I am also grateful that so many of my friends and family came to celebrate with me.  Melissa drove from West Va to come to my shower, my Twinsie came from Richmond and Erik’s Aunt Sue drive from CHICAGO!  Our little guy is going to be surrounded by so many loving people, he is really the luckiest little guy around.

I have a billion pictures to share with you all 🙂 Thank you to my sissy Ava and Twinsie Erin for taking pictures for me 🙂

Sisters 🙂My beautiful Grandma 🙂Aunt Sue and my mother-in-law 🙂Apparently one of the only pictures of my mommy 😦 I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of me and my mommy.  Ava I blame you 🙂Friends working hard 🙂

I think Sarah was trying to cheat on the quiz 🙂Melissa!

My preggo lady friends 🙂 I love these girls so very much, and I am so glad we are all going through this together!TwinsieeeeeeeSISSSSSSSSSSSSSTER 🙂Diana you are amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for everything 🙂
And well I suppose since everyone knows now, I will share our name with you all 🙂 Thank you Jamie for this adorable picture that brought me to tears 🙂
The cutest cake in the whole world.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Thank you again to everyone 🙂

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