I love my family

Hello friends!

I hate that this is a full week of work, I am already counting down to the weekend.  We are going to be putting up our Christmas tree and decorations this weekend!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait!  This past weekend other than spending time with family I hopped back on the couponing wagon, and scored some sweet deals at CVS, Rite Aid and Giant! Woot! I decided I needed to start up again in order to find good deals on diapers and other baby necessities, so far so good. I am also getting antsy to start working out and working off the weight I’ve gained…Although not enough to drive my preggo butt to our gym and start lifting weights. ha, no thanks too many judgey eyes at our gym.

As promised I have more pictures from Thanksgiving 🙂  These are mostly of my wonderful family 🙂 I am so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people 🙂

Trying to take a picture with my mom.. but she is always on the phone.. 

ahh, what a wonderful life 🙂 I hope everyone has a great day!


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