Indian eats and more Christmas trees

Hello friends!

We did so much this weekend that I am still updating about our weekend on a Friday!  Sunday night Hyojon and Lejia took us out to an awesome Indian restaurant in Herndon.  We ate soooooooooooo much good food, I could barely breathe.

Then we drove to Reston Town center and took a nice long walk and pictures in front of their amazing Christmas Tree.

Lejia and Hyo

and us 🙂 Lejia told me to stick my neck out because I was complaining that I had 100 chins… so I did haha

I’m so goofy.

We had a fabulous night 🙂 We are very lucky to have such good friends surrounding us all the time 🙂

Last night I was craving some pizza… and mexican food… So I made a chicken enchilada pizza

and just for good measure (and tons of leftovers) I made a mushroom pesto pizza too

mm so good 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day and wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Indian eats and more Christmas trees

  1. Brittney says:

    Mmm, I love Indian food! There is a great buffet near my office and I go a couple times a month. I used to work in Herndon when I lived in VA. Wave to the police department next time you drive by 😉 I’m starting to have that same problem with the double chins in photos.


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