Birthing Class

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend 🙂 We had our first baby class on Saturday 🙂  We chose to attend a six hour birthing class instead of going to a two hour class over the course of 4(ish) weeks and I am sooooo glad we did.  We received a lot of important and useful information but it wasn’t overwhelming.  Our instructor told us that the only difference between our class and the weekly classes was that the weekly classes practice labor breathing at the end of each class.  I think we are perfectly capable of practicing at home 🙂

One of the big questions that I now have is whether or not to get an epidural during labor.  Before the class I was 100% give me the drugs as soon as possible, and now I’m not so sure. I am not against medications during labor by any means but our instructor told us that getting an epidural can slow down the dilation process, therefore prolonging labor.  On the flip side, being in a lot of pain and tensing up during labor will also prolong labor, so as long as I can control my breathing and stay calm I think that I want to go as long as I can without getting an epidural.  That being said, I have no idea the amount of pain I am going to be in, so I’m not going to sit here and claim that I am planning on having an all natural birth.

Another option she discussed with us (which seems to be a little more up my alley) is that I would have an epidural then when it came time to start pushing I would ask them to stop the medication so I could start having feeling in my legs and muscles, and my pushing efforts would be more productive. I donno what I will do, but I’m not worried about it, I think it will be a “game day” decision, I know I have a great coach 🙂

Other than our birthing class this weekend, we finished our Christmas shopping and went over to Sunny and Diana’s house to watch the Redskins game!  And oh boy was it an awesome game.  Diana was in this position for the last 15 or so minutes of the game.

It was intense, but we WON!  Afterwards we came home and made these for work 🙂

Erik’s coworkers requested them and I know a certain few people in my office have been waiting for me to make them as well, so we did.

Welp, I hope everyone has a great Monday!


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