Things to do before Liam is born

Hello friends!
Sorry this post is a little late, I had a dentist appointment this morning.  I am happy to say I don’t have any cavities! woot.  Crazy to think that the next time I go in there I will have a baby.. Insane. Speaking of which. I decided to make a list of things I need/want to do before Liam is born. I will probably add to this 100 times but for now this is my list.. Feel free to leave me suggestions!
  • Date night with hubby
  • Get car seat installed
  • Set up pack and play
  • Finish nursery
  • Childbirth class
  • Baby care class
  • Breastfeeding class
  • Hospital tour
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Write out a birth plan
  • Make a labor playlist
  • Buy nursing bras
  • Assemble stroller
  • Unpack and set up bouncy chair
  • Create a contact list for Liam’s arrival
  • Organize baby clothes
  • Freeze some meals
  • Baby health insurance paperwork
  • Build bookshelves (maybe)
  • Order EZpass
  • Get tons of batteries
  • Organize pantry
  • Rearrange stuff in kitchen to make room for Liam’s stuff
  • Take Ella to a dog park
  • Doggie play dates for Ella
  • Get an outfit for the hospital stay
  • Get an outfit for coming home from the hospital

If you can think of anything else pllllease let me know.. 🙂


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