Pregnancy to-do list update

Hello friends!

As I mentioned yesterday this weekend was a busy to-do list tackling weekend. I made a separate page for this list but I figure it’s almost been a week since I wrote it, I might as well do an update 🙂

  • Date night with hubby
  • Get car seat installed
  • Set up pack and play
  • Finish nursery
  • Childbirth class
  • Baby Care Class
  • Breastfeeding class
  • Hospital tour
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Write out a birth plan
  • Make a labor playlist
  • Buy nursing bras
  • Assemble stroller
  • Unpack and set up bouncy chair
  • Create a contact list for Liam’s arrival
  • Organize baby clothes
  • Freeze some meals
  • Baby health insurance paperwork
  • Build bookshelves (maybe)
  • Order EZpass
  • Get tons of batteries
  • Organize pantry
  • Rearrange stuff in kitchen to make room for Liam’s stuff
  • Take Ella to a dog park
  • Doggie play dates for Ella
  • Get an outfit for the hospital stay
  • Get an outfit for coming home from the hospital
  • pre-register for hospital
  • Get nails done 🙂
  • Organize downstairs coat closet

One of the biggest things we did this weekend other than finishing our baby classes (woot!) was to organize Liam’s closet and dresser.

We separated the clothes into newborn


0-3 months


3-6 months


6-9 months and 12 + months


and pants haha


We realized that we have a good amount of newborn clothes, but not too many that he will grow out of them before he can wear them all, at least I hope.  He has TONS of 0-3 month clothes as well as a good amount of 3-6 month clothes.  We are lacking in the 6-9 and 12+ month clothes, but hopefully I can add to those clothes later on next year.  We also organized his closet a bit 🙂 I think baby clothes are even cuter when they are hung up.


I love baby clothes so much, but I will admit.. little toddler boy clothes are something else! I am so looking forward to dressing him up next year!

Erik says now that I’m pretty much done nesting in Liam’s room, he would like us to start nesting around the house 🙂 haha. First project to tackle this week, is organizing our downstairs coat closet… we need bins.. I love bins.

Then we will work on organizing the kitchen cabinets, ahh so much to do! And according to when Erin started getting uncomfortable, I have two weeks left!

I hope everyone has a great day! Tomorrow is my sissy’s birthday 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy to-do list update

  1. natalie @ will jog for food says:

    I already have way too much clothes! Plus with Christmas coming, I know my mom and sis bought tons of stuff. I already begged them to stop buying clothes and buy something I need from my registry instead. But my pleas aren’t working. Looks like the only thing my baby will have besides a stroller is clothes! haha


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