Packing The Hospital Bag(s)

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful new years!  We are all back at work.. bleh, but I had an amazing week and we are anxiously awaiting our little boy’s arrival at the end of this MONTH (at least I hope he doesn’t come late!).  Over the last few days I took some time to pack my hospital bags and get them ready for when the time comes 🙂

I have a two more “bags” I need to pack, our entertainment bag and our toiletries.  I made a list of the things we want/need to bring with us and hopefully we won’t be in too much of a rush that we forget it when we are going to the hospital.

Liam’s Diaper Bag


A close up of all things adorable that are in this bag!


  1. Nursing Cover
  2. 2 receiving blankets
  3. 2 burp cloths
  4. mittens and socks
  5. hats for pictures
  6. 1 diaper in case something happens in our 10 minute journey home from the hospital
  7. 3 month outfit in case he is huge
  8. 0-3 month outfit in case we need to change him on our way home
  9. Going home outfit! Little monsters

I’m sure I won’t need most of this stuff but it was fun to pack it and who knows maybe I will be happy I packed his diaper bag.  This bag will be staying in the car until we are ready to be discharged from the hospital. Or until the hospital photographers come around to our room and want to take newborn pictures!

The Clothing Bag

IMG_9361My clothes

  1. Robe
  2. Throw away undies
  3. fuzzy socks and slippers (flip flops also added later)
  4. 3 nursing tanks
  5. more supportive nursing bra
  6. sleeping nursing bra
  7. Going Home outfit, stretchy pants and a dark nursing tank

For Erik

IMG_9369Just an extra change of clothes, a sweatshirt and a clean sleep shirt and PJ bottoms.  Men are so easy.. I guess because he will be able to leave the hospital to go home and shower and what not he doesn’t need a lot of clothes.

Like I said, I’ve made my lists for the entertainment bag and the toiletries but I have yet to pull the trigger and pack them.  I decided to buy travel sized shampoos and a extra set of toothbrushes so we can just throw them out at the hospital when we leave.  That seemed so much more logical than taking big containers of shampoo and what not.  We are both getting pretty anxious at this point, and cannot wait to meet our little guy!

There you have it.. my hospital bags 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!



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