Hello friends!

I cannot believe it’s only Wednesday, this week is crawling along… To make matters worse, I have a head cold.. :-/ which means if it doesn’t go away by Friday I won’t be able to go visit my twinsie and baby Caden 😦 Not cool.. oh ya and I turned on my car this morning and I had two separate warning lights go on, so I had to take my car in.. I guess it is God’s way of telling me to take my car in and get the necessary service done on my car before Liam is born.  Maybe the head cold is another sign to stay in the area so I don’t go into Labor in Richmond?! Who knows….

Anyway.. onto the main point of this post… My sister in law Diana introduced me to the most amazing App in the world.  It’s called Pepperplate, and if you love to cook I highly recommend getting it.

This app allows you to take recipes from certain websites (ie, real simple, better homes and gardens, all recipes, etc.) and save them onto your own personal recipe page so that you can use it to make weekly menus.


Once you have a running list of recipes you like, you can use Pepperplate’s planner to create a weekly menu,


THEN the app allows you to make a customized shopping list from the recipes you have chosen.


I absolutely love this app and I cannot wait to finally sit down and transfer my recipes onto it. Oh ya I failed to mention that it will also allow you to manually enter in your own recipes too.. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Check it out!

I hope everyone has a great day!



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