Soooo I’m on Bed rest

Hello friends..

I guess my appointment didn’t go as I had hoped yesterday seeing as how my doctor has now put me on bed rest until my next appointment on Tuesday.. Let’s set the scene yesterday..

It was so unbelievably hot in my office allll day, I could have seriously walked around in shorts and a tank top and probably still been on fire. The afternoon rolled around and I headed out to my appointment.  Once I got there I could feel my heart literally trying to jump out of my chest, I have NO idea what was wrong, my mother in law thinks I might have overheated.  So the nurse took my blood pressure and it was 141/74, she looked at me and said let me take it again because your blood pressure is pretty high.  She put the cuff on the other arm, 171/(I cant remember the bottom #).  I got another lovely cringe from the nurse and she said wow that is even worse.. okay so I have to put you on a monitor to check the baby’s heartbeat for 15 minutes.

Now I know the sound of your own child’s heartbeat is the most wonderful sound a mother can hear, but I was terrified.  She put me in a room by myself and hooked me up to the monitor for 15 minutes.  I wasn’t sure if what I was hearing was normal or if he was in distress, and at times it sounded like the sound of his heartbeat was going to blow the speakers of the monitor.  I had to cover my ears and I really thought I was going to break down. I told myself I had to stay calm and just breathe, so I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the sound of our son’s heartbeat.

The nurse came in and took me back to the room, and when my doctor came in she asked me how I was feeling.. I told her I was really hot and felt crummy, because of my cold.  She said that Liam’s heart sounded great and she wasn’t worried about his health (whew), but that she wanted me to go in for some blood work and stay at home on bed rest until my next appointment.  So hopefully my blood work comes back in normal and my blood pressure is back down when I go back in Tuesday morning… if not I guess we are going to have a baby next week.

It’s sort of bittersweet, because I want to meet Liam so bad, but not this way.  I want him to come out when he is ready, not because my body is failing to protect him… I know this happens to a lot of women, and there is really nothing you can do to change it.. If your body cannot handle the stress, it will tell you.  I think my appointment yesterday was at an unfortunate time, seeing as how I have this stupid cold and I was overheating like crazy, but everything happens for a reason, and this is my body’s way of telling me to slow down and take care of myself.

So that’s what I am going to do.. do some work from home to finish up my last project, organize my recipes and read.  I will be calling my doctor later today to see how strict of a bed rest she wants me on, because Erik and I had plans to go out on our dinner date tonight :(.

Sorry this post was so wordy, hopefully next week brings some better news!

I hope everyone has a great day and wonderful weekend!


4 thoughts on “Soooo I’m on Bed rest

  1. Brittney says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you are going through that! I hope everything is ok and that you still have a great delivery. Hang in there and watch lots of trashy TV while on bed rest. I heard it helps 😉

    • admin says:

      haha thanks.. I totally plan on watching tons of trashy tv 🙂 hopeful I can fight off this cold and things will go back to normal on Tuesday.. Goes to show you tho.. make sure you get everything done before you are close to your due date.. you never know what can happen!

  2. Kate says:

    Oh poor thing! I’m sure you must have been a nervous wreck! Don’t be hard on yourself though. I’m sure that your doctors are just playing it extra super safe. Your concern means your going to be a great mom no matter when that little baby arrives. Good luck!


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