Simply Normal

Hello friends

I lied when I said I wouldn’t update until after my appointment, mainly because I didn’t know that my doctor was going to call me yesterday afternoon to tell me that my blood work came back normal 🙂 Which more than likely means I will not be induced today.  I say most likely because I still have to go to my appointment later this morning to check my blood pressure and see the status of my bed rest sentence.

In celebration of this news, I… emptied the dishwasher and attempted to give Ella a bath… The bath was a disaster.. Towards the end of our little adventure, I was attempting to fix the shower door that had almost completely fallen off the hinges.. and well it fell… Ella was still in the tub, she was traumatized, as was I.  She tried to escape the tub while  I was trying to put the door back on the hinges which scared her even more.. She jumped out of the tub, shivering and sat on the rug in the basement looking at me like what in the world are you doing woman?  I guess that goes to show you, pregnant people shouldn’t be allowed to do most things when they are 2 weeks away from their due date.

Needless to say, Ella was fine, after three chicken treats, and Erik was only slightly mad when he got home and I told him what I did.  He looked at me and simply said, please next time wait for me to get home like I asked you to this morning. oops sorry hunny.

Afterwards we went to Erik’s parent’s house for a super delicious lasagna dinner.  Boy did I need it! Thank you for dinner 🙂

I hope we don’t have any more crazy adventures for quite some time, all I know is that I will not be attempting a solo doggie bath again.

I hope everyone has a great day!


3 thoughts on “Simply Normal

  1. Nalini says:

    i love how you can’t sit still and the moment you’re told you may be okay you decide to do something ridiculous. Not even something like, oh i’ll fold laundry, no, you’re going to give a large dog a bath! If I was your doctor I wouldn’t trust you! lol I bet you tell him/her you’re at home resting, while in reality you’re going on 3mile walks!


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