Still resting

Hello friends!

Yesterday before my doctor’s appointment I went to the courthouse to have our car seat inspected and boy am I glad I did.  We originally had the car seat in the middle seat but he informed me that in my car because of the hump it would be safer to put the car seat on the side.


He also had to put a pool noodle under the seat in order to get the seat level, who would have thought!? He said most people use a towel but recently they were taught that the pool noodles never lose their shape so it is less likely that the car seat base will get loose. I was also surprised to see how hard he had to pull the straps in order to get the car seat base tight to the car.


He also told me that they don’t recommend those rear seat mirrors that most people use, because in the event of an accident, that mirror goes straight into the baby’s face.. 😦 No thanks.

After that, I headed to my appointment, and of course my blood pressure was high.. 142/84… So they put me back on the baby monitor..


Liam was a bit sleepy which freaked me out because they kept coming in and looking at the print out and saying I needed to be on the monitor longer.. So finally I asked if he was okay, and she said ya he was just being sleeping and they wanted to see a spike in his heart rate.  So they gave me some cold water and chocolates and that did the trick. They got the results they were looking for and the doctor said he sounded perfect 🙂  Oh ya side note, there are two doctors in the practice I go to and my doctor was at the hospital delivering a baby, so I had to see the other doctor. I was really nervous, but he was really awesome.  He also told me that he was the doctor on call this weekend, so that if I was to go into labor this weekend he would be the one that delivered Liam 🙂 Perhaps it’s a sign?! ha probably not, but one can hope.

He also checked my lady parts and said that I was almost 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. WOOT! Now I know that people can walk around with those stats for weeks before they actually go into labor, but progress is progress so I am pretty happy about it.  Especially since I’ve been on bed rest.  Which reminds me.. yes I am still on bed rest 😦 And I have a feeling I will be until he arrives.  Luckily my boss allows me to work from home and I have list of things I need to learn for when I go back into work after my maternity leave.

Before I left the appointment he took my blood pressure again while I was laying down and it was at a wonderful 115/72 🙂 I guess that’s why they want me on bed rest. I guess no more giving Ella baths. 😉

I hope everyone has a great day!


5 thoughts on “Still resting

  1. @therunginger says:

    I would have never thought that a car seat could be so complicated! It is amazing that we all survived our childhood because I know my parents didn’t put that much thought into it!


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