Nesting claims another helpless pregnant lady

Hello friends!

YaY Friday! Today is the day I predicted I would go into labor on our office pool! Commmeee onnnn Liam!  It would just really be nice because then Erik would have two whole weekends with us and an entire week before he would have to go back to work. *crossing fingers*

Sooo I was bad yesterday, well a bad patient… I needed to get out of the house and I needed a few things from my office so I made a trip out there.  I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure, and it has been below 128/80ish all week, but I still had an irrational fear that as soon as I stepped into the office my water would break.  Well it didn’t, haha.  I got the book I needed and I even got to go out to lunch with my coworkers 🙂  It was really nice.

When I got back home, I did some work and then I had an unreasonable urge to clean my entire house.  I was very careful about it, and I took my time and lots of breaks aka more work stuff.  I dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen.20130118_063634After a little nap I decided to clean out a space in our kitchen for all of Liam’s bottles that I had washed that morning.


I was totally pooped after all that cleaning, so I sat back down and read some more of my SQL book before I got up to make some Spanish rice for dinner.

Lejia had messaged me earlier in the day, asking if we had plans because they wanted to make us dinner and come hang out 🙂 🙂 :).  It was awesome, thank you times a million Lejia and Hyojon for making us dinner and hanging out with us.  It was so good to see them, we hadn’t seen them since before Christmas and they live practically down the street.   They made us Fajitas 🙂 Sorry I didn’t snap a picture of it, they were too good to last long enough for me to remember to take a picture.

Today, I am taking it easy… I have a lot of SQL reading to do for work and I kinda want to mop the floors with my steam mop…. I’m off to study!

I hope everyone has a great day and wonderful weekend!


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