Hello friends!

Happy Friday!

A little update from my doctors office yesterday, I went in and of course that place just increases my blood pressure.  I’m not really sure why, but it happens.  So she wanted to take more blood and do some blood work. If my blood work comes back normal tomorrow, then she will wait until Tuesday night (1/30/13) to induce me, and we will have a baby by Wednesday 🙂  I assume if anything is abnormal with the results she will want to induce asap.

She said things looked favorable “under the hood”, and that if I have a few more braxton hicks contractions I will probably go into labor naturally.  YAY 🙂  Let’s pray for that because I really would like to go into labor naturally if I can.  I’m thinking Saturday night would be a good time for things to get going.
I was on the monitor for 15-20 minutes and she said he sounded great.  Then she did an ultrasound and said he looked great too, he had the hiccups and she said that was a good sign that he was practicing for breathing outside of the womb. Go Liam!  She said there is no reason to keep watching my blood pressure go up and risk my health and Liams.  So if all else fails we get induced on Tuesday night!  My bags are packed and we are ready to go!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Here’s to praying Liam is born this weekend!

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