The last few days

Hello friends!

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Erik and I took advantage of our last weekend as a family of three :).  Late Friday afternoon Ella and I took a nice lonnnnnngg nap in the sunshine

20130124_150238It was glorious, then I decided I needed to do some laundry and unpack and set up Liam’s bouncy chair… It was a lot harder to put together than it looks.. well for me.. the belly was in the way.

20130125_144454When Erik got home from work, we went on our date!! My boss had given us a gift card to the great american restaurant chain as our Christmas gift in December, and we were so excited to use it.  We chose to go to Arties, where we had our very first date, and where Erik and I got engaged.  We had a lot of money to spend on the gift card, and we really tried our best but we still had some leftover.. We gave the waiter a nice tip 🙂

We started off with some Southwest eg

20130125_194218For my entree I chose the Sauteed Chicken Paillard (roasted red peppers, mushrooms & arugula on angel hairwith brown butter sauce).. It was so amazing, probably the best I have ever had there.


You can see Erik’s filet and crab cakes in the background of my picture. For dessert we had their flour-less chocolate waffle…seriously if you just get this when you go it is worth it..

20130125_201819It was the best date ever, we both really needed it, and I am so glad we got to go out one more time just the two of us.  I think I’ve mentioned it before, but after Liam is born we are really going to try hard to take at least one day/night a month and go on a date.

On Saturday, Erik wanted to get one more day of snowboarding in before the main event 🙂 so he went with his sisters, and brother-in-law, and my sister came over to hang out with me.  She helped me make all my freezer meals, I didn’t take pictures.. oops, and then we just hung out.. had a little dance party to try and get Liam to come out and watched lots of TV.

IMG_20130126_162849 20130126_185859On Sunday we had a few errands to run, then came home and relaxed again.  It has been really hard for us to just sit around and wait.. Erik and I are very active people, but I know once we have Liam we will be wishing for days like this past weekend without anything to do.  So we are trying to embrace it.

It was a delightful weekend! I am getting excited to meet our little guy! I get induced tomorrow night!! Unless he decides to show up before then!!

I hope everyone has a great day!







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