Liam’s Weekly pictures

Hello friends!

Oh man two posts in ONE DAY! Insane.  I am just dropping in quickly to show you my new weekly picture project. I will be taking a weekly picture of Liam every Wednesday.  Erin got the idea from Young House Love and I think it’s an awesome idea.  I hope to put his weekly picture at the end of my Wednesday posts, but if I don’t I have made a separate page for this weekly picture.

Here is his week one picture.. A big thanks to Erin for using her photo shop skills to put the 1 week on his onesie.

1 week

One thought on “Liam’s Weekly pictures

  1. Lauren says:

    He is sooooo cute — I could gobble him up!! tonight’s dinner will be baby Liam 🙂

    haha jk i do not eat babies — i looove themmm!!


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