First few days home

Hello friends 🙂

We are enjoying our time at home with our little guy.  Unfortunately Erik has been at work all week :(, but my mother in law has been amazing and has been coming over and spending the day with us. We are so grateful for our families, and cannot thank them all enough for everything they are doing for us.  My mom and grandma have been making us meals, cleaning our house and holding our sweet little guy while we eat and shower 🙂  Having family around is a godsend, I cannot imagine how hard this would be without our families around.

Everyone loves holding Liam 🙂

IMG_9470 IMG_9474 IMG_9484 IMG_9491 IMG_9510 IMG_9514 IMG_9513Erik and I decided to do a photo shoot of Liam at 2am haha.

IMG_9526 IMG_9534 IMG_9542 IMG_9561 So I mentioned that Liam had Jaundice, and as a new mom hearing that something is out of the ordinary with your baby you freak out.  We were in and out of the doctor’s offices the first 3 days we were home, and he was getting poked with needles in order to have his blood drawn to check his bilirubin levels. Of course mother nature decided to to throw some frigid weather and snow at us.  Not cool when you have a newborn, but we made it through and after three needle pricks his levels were going down and he was gaining weight… Oh ya I forgot to mention, he had lost 12% of his body weight since his birth and they really only comfortable with a 10% loss, so we had to supplement some formula while I was breastfeeding.

I didn’t handle the news well and with the insane change in hormones I cried.  I was so worried about him, but everyone kept telling me he was going to be fine and all I could do was keep feeding him.  So I did 🙂

I was so anxious that my milk wasn’t going to come in and that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed.  For me the unknown is so horrible, but Saturday night after a marathon feeding session, I realized that my milk had come in and Liam was loving life 🙂

On Monday, Liam had his first playdate with Caden 🙂  They slept through the entire thing, but they loved it 🙂 Or maybe Erin and I just loved it.  We cannot wait until they are both old enough to actually play with each other 🙂
IMG_9575Needless to say life is good and we have the most amazing little family! And now for some more pictures 🙂

20130203_153848 20130203_114250 20130203_153628 20130205_202250 20130205_083320 20130205_104306 20130205_180944 Ella has been handling her new brother pretty well, and I cannot wait to see how well they play together.  Ella has been so protective of him it is soooo cute 🙂20130206_120009I am on cloud nine 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day 🙂



5 thoughts on “First few days home

  1. Amy Yoo says:

    I just wanted to say, i came across you blog a while back on pinterest and have been following you ever since. I am 28 weeks pregnant and you are such an inspiration. Your last few blogs have definitely brought tears of joy to my eyes. You have a beautiful little boy!!

  2. brenda says:

    Just wanted to say hiiiii love hearing the updates! My sisters baby had jaundice, they had to put her in the glow blanket and under the lamp! She was also never able to breast feed, baby just wouldn’t go for it 😦 it was an ordeal. She got frustrated but it all works out! Glad you have so many loving people to help!


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