Pregnancy Weight gain

Hello friends!

Wow this day flew by, I cannot believe it is already 4:30!

So I wanted to touch on the topic of pregnancy weight gain.  I wasn’t 100% honest with all of you in my weekly updates, because I didn’t share my weekly weight gain, but that was because I was trying not to focus on it.  All we cared about what having a healthy and happy baby.  I knew that after I had him the weight would come off and I would work my way back into pre-pregnancy weight.

You can follow my post pregnancy weight loss journey on my weight loss page at the top of the page.  During my pregnancy I gained about a pound a week with a few weeks of more than one pound or a loss of a pound.  I know that I gained too much weight for my body, and with my next pregnancy I will be more diligent about working out and eating right. But for now I will be working hard to get back into shape.

My weight loss goal is to lose 56 lbs by the time Liam is one.  I gained 45 pounds during my entire pregnancy, and I would like to get back down to 130 lbs.  So far I’ve lost 16 lbs 🙂

Before= January 24, 2013- 186 lbsIMG_9407

Wish me luck!

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