Weekend Happenings

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We had a pretty busy weekend 🙂  I can’t believe Liam will be 2 weeks old on Wednesday!  We have a doctors appointment on Wednesday to check his weight.  I am almost positive that he is back at his birth weight, this kid can eat!  Last night Liam let us sleep for almost FIVE hours straight! It was insane.


I actually set my alarm to wake up to feed him every 3 hours, but I think I slept through my 3am alarm.  I felt so bad when I woke up, but he seemed pretty happy, so I guess I can’t worry about it too much.

We’ve been waking up to the most smiley baby on the planet. 🙂 I love how happy he is and I pray that he is always as happy this 🙂20130210_073250

Ella is really loving her new baby brother.  She wants to play with him and lick him all the time, so she tends to get into trouble when she gets too close to him, but she is learning along with the rest of us.20130209_072454

Saturday morning Erik assembled Laim’s Bob and we took him and Ella out for a quick walk… At first he wasn’t happy about being in the car seat but eventually he learned to love it.

20130209_114845Thursday night we had a big moment in Liam’s life.. haha his cord nub fell off.  It was a bit scary at first because we didn’t know what it was supposed to look like when it fell off, so natural being new parents we freaked out and called Erik’s mom.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Erik’s mom is a baby nurse 🙂 Which is seriously the best.  His belly button is healing nicely and I cannot wait to give him his first bath 🙂
20130209_191517Sunday morning we slept in a bit, then got ready for Liam’s newborn photo sessions with Rachael Dean Photography.. We tried out best to keep him awake so that when I fed him right before the session he would sleep through it.


The photography session was awesome, Rachael is amazing and Liam was such a great baby 🙂  It took us about three hours to complete the session and I cannot wait to see the pictures.  Rachael put a teaser pictures on Facebook for us last night 🙂  Seriously how cute is he!? 🙂newbornphoto1Afterwards, he was exhausted!  He slept most of the rest of the afternoon.

20130210_194654I love my little button 🙂

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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