Best fortunes ever

Hello friends!

A miracle happened last night, we slept for almost 5 hours straight 🙂  I know it’s rare and it was probably a fluke but I am hoping to get some more long stretches of sleep at nights 🙂  His pediatrician said I didn’t have to wake him up at night as long as he was getting 8 feedings in during the day, yay! My sister came over yesterday afternoon and wanted to dress Liam in some pants.. haha. I do have to admit a little baby in pants is way cuter than a baby in a onesie.  He looks like such a little man.. and those socks.. oh man they kill me


Also last night, Brandon and Erin ordered us dinner for delivery!  We had some glorious Chinese food from Hunan Heritage. It is quite possibly the best Chinese food place around us, and I haven’t had food from there since probably my senior year of high school. Which I might add is 10 years ago.. yikes. Anyway, after we ate our General Tso’s chicken and crispy beef :), we opened up our fortune cookies.  These were the most accurate cookies I think we have ever gotten.

Mine said:

20130214_184720Which is true.. because my “night life” is staying up with Liam and feeding him haha. And Erik’s said:



hehe.  Erik has been super busy at his new job and with a new baby at home, but we are both very happy and grateful to be this busy 🙂

Alright I am off to snuggle with my little guy 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful weekend!



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