Liam’s first bath

Hello friends!

Giving a newborn a bath is quite possibly the most stressful thing ever.  They are so tiny and squirmy… it makes it even harder to handle when they are wet.  This is definitely not a one person job and I am glad I waited until Erik came home from work to give him his first bath.  Luckily my sister was also at our house, so she could take some pictures for us.

IMG_9751He is still so tiny that I had to hold his head up the whole time so his ears wouldn’t get wet.


Ella wanted to see what was going on too.. She was pretty upset about the whole thing.  Ella doesn’t like it when Liam cries in general.. She thinks he is hurting and whines and looks at me like I’m doing something wrong.  She also has a great sense of when his diaper needs to be changed 🙂IMG_9764IMG_9769 He was even more upset when we took him out of the tub, because he was cold..


IMG_9774But soon calmed down once we wrapped him up, and passed out…

IMG_9785Since this bath we have given him another one and he was a bit happier about it because we made the water a bit warmer, and we weren’t as scared 🙂  Mainly me. I am hoping bath time will continue to get easier and less stressful!

If anyone has any tips on how to make bath time less stressful please pass them along 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!



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