Random thoughts

Hello friends!

Today’s post is going to be all over the place, because my mind is all over the place! Yesterday was kind of stressful, but I will get to that a little later. First my lunch yesterday was amazing, I mentioned that Luke and Allie came over the night before and brought us dinner 🙂  Luke made an amazing turkey and veggie lasagna, which I got to have for lunch yesterday!

20130220_105759Yum, I washed it down with my newest obsession.. Izze drinks.. We got these from Costco, and they come in a 24 pack of three different flavors.  The sparkling clementine one is my favorite, but they have apple and blackberry too. 20130220_105424

It makes my belly verrrry happy, and at only 90 calories per can, I can have one of these and not feel like I’ve ruined my healthy diet.   20130220_124233

Speaking of diet, my friend Jamie recommended this home delivery service for food, and we had the salesperson come out to our house last week to give us his sales pitch.. Call us suckers but we are going through with it. It’s called Passananate’s, and so far we like it. They delivered our food and new freezer yesterday.

20130220_153914I am really excited about it because recently we have been getting meat from the grocery store and we have had to throw it away on occasion because it just tasted horrible.  Mainly the chicken in the stores have tasted rubbery and freezer burnt.. even when I don’t freeze them.  It is nice to have found a solution to that.  The thing that got us hooked was that the butcher is the only person that handles the meat before it gets to our house!  We ordered some vegetables and had some green beans last night and they were AMAZING. They were frozen but honestly tasted like they were fresh after we heated them up.  I plan on doing a full review sometime in the near future as we start to eat more of the food. (I was not paid to do a review, I am simply speaking as a consumer).

Also yesterday while Liam napped I managed to do some laundry, vacuum and mop!  It felt good to get the house clean.  Oh ya and I also took a little trip to my office to sign some papers and Sarah, Joey, Kim and Jennifer came down to meet Liam.  I plan on going back into my office next week sometime after he is four weeks old so that everyone can meet him, as long as no one is sick!  Our pediatrician told us not to take him out in public places until he was at least four weeks old.

We are trying out some new things this week.  Seeing as how I have to go back to work in about three weeks, we need to get Liam accustomed to sleeping in his crib, and taking a bottle.  But I first wanted to try out our new Ergo to see how he would like it.  When I took Liam to the grocery store (ooops) with Erik’s mom, I had to take the snap and go to put his car seat into because it wouldn’t fit into any of the carts.. Well I think the ergo has solved that problem… I can put him into the carrier when I am shopping and I think that will make things 100 times easier, and more practical.

At first he didn’t seem to like it at ALL.20130220_155418but then ….maybe we like it?20130220_155722

ya we definitely love it.. he started falling asleep and actually did sleep for a goof 30 minutes

20130220_160144He is too cute 🙂

20130220_155859 20130220_160721I think this weekend we are going to introduce him to a bottle.. yikes!  I am really nervous, I hope he likes it but not too much!  I’ve been reading a few articles about how and when to introduce babies to bottles, cribs, pacifiers, etc. One of the articles I read said that if you are going back to work after 6 weeks that you need to start introducing him to a bottle in the first 2-3 weeks!  Seems a bit early to me, but we are going to start at 3 and a half weeks.  He is still not sure how he feels about the paci… sometimes (twice) he takes it and other times it really makes him mad… 20130220_173344I guess I shouldn’t mind that he doesn’t like the paci he is a really good self soother, but sometimes he seems to just want to suck on something and I get really tired, and I think he will have to learn to like it when he goes to daycare… We will keep trying…

Alright I think I’m done for now.. I told you this post was all over the place!

I hope everyone has a great day!  We have a playdate with Michael today!





3 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Katie says:

    He is SO SO SO cute! Congrats again! I can’t believe he is here! I am so happy for you guys!!! I am sure you are adjusting over there and things are crazy, but soon it will be ok!

    You look great too, just had to tell you that! ❤


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