Bouncy Seat-1 momma- 0

Hello friends!

Ahhh another fantastic weekend under our belts. On Friday Liam got an awesome package from my friend Kelly

20130222_132712Kelly you were right.. Erik wasn’t a fan of the ski dude onesie 😉 haha. The rest of Friday was spent sleeping.. well for Liam at least.20130222_143037

I took that time to catch up on some reading.  I mentioned I am reading Healthy Sleep habits happy child, it is a really good read for new moms. From what I gather, you don’t really start sleep training until they are around six weeks old, but some people start sooner. The key is not to get frustrated if you start early, but know that babies love routine, so if you keep it up they will catch on. Liam is a good sleeper, thank goodness, he can pretty much sleep anywhere.. while daddy naps…


In the ergo while daddy carries him around, while he makes breakfast and coffee.20130223_094243

In daddy’s lap at Patti and Ramsey’s house while watching tv 🙂


orrr in his CRIB!

20130224_134934That’s right, he LOVES his crib! We are so excited that he loves it, because we have heard and read that some kids do not like sleeping in such and open space.  Now I know you are supposed to clear the crib of all toys, blankets and pillows, but we were awake and watching his monitor while he slept.  I’m not sure when we are going to move him into his crib at nights but hopefully soon.  The best part is that he loves his crib so much that we can put him down in it for a nap before he is even asleep!  He just looks around (mostly at the ceiling fan) and then falls asleep.  Oh I really hope he is a good self soother and can fall asleep on his own!

As you saw above we went over to Patti and Ramsey’s house for another play date.. Liam slept through 99% of this play date, but we did wake him up a little just for a daddy/son picture.

20130223_150704Ya we realize either son looks happy, but I assure you they were 🙂 I just suck at taking pictures when other people are holding him.

Saturday night, Erik and I wanted to watch a movie.. Our first movie since Liam was born.. The beginning was rough, Liam was awake and was very fussy.  But after I fed him a little more he eventually settled down and fell asleep.  We put him in his bassinet in our room and we watched the movie 🙂  It was wonderful to get some much needed mommy and daddy alone time.  We are hoping to go out to a movie this coming weekend.. just the two of us.. during the day while he naps and my sister can babysit :).

20130222_210626I guess you are wondering if I will ever explain the title of my post.. well Saturday when we got back from Patti and Ramsey’s house, I was going into Liam’s room to put some clothes into the hamper, and I wasn’t looking where I was going… Well I smashed my toe into his bouncy seat…

20130225_071910And I am 99.9% sure it is broken.



I took that picture this morning, please excuse my chipping nail polish… the bruising has gone down quite a bit, but it hurts and I’ve broken that toe before so I know what a broken toe feels like… They cannot do anything for a broken toe, so I’ve been icing and taping it…. Hopefully it heals quickly because the weather is supposed to be amazing this week and I want to get out and walk with Ella and Liam everyday if I can!

Speaking of exercise, I was reading that as long as I feel good and take it easy I can start working out a bit, so I am going to start TODAY!.. Today will be Day 1 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer! The first two weeks of the trainer are very very easy, so that will help me ease back into it.  I will do an update post of my workouts later on this week.

I hope everyone has a great day!






4 thoughts on “Bouncy Seat-1 momma- 0

  1. Brittney says:

    Ow! My husband broke his toe a couple years ago and it looked similar to yours. Hope it heals quickly! I’m envious Liam likes sleeping in the crib. We’ve yet to get Allie to like hers!


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