Four week post delivery body

Hello friends!

I said I would post a picture of myself every month after I had Liam so we can all see my weight loss progress.. Well here goes nothing 🙂

20130301_093504Sorry for the sub par quality of this picture, I never wake up early enough to have Erik take a good picture of me.  Yikes the thought of waking up and getting ready for work terrifies me.

I’ve been feeling great!  Everything is healing nicely and I am no longer in any pain.  I did try to put on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans this morning when I was getting ready.. No dice.. I am about 25 pounds away from being able to put those on!  I pray that I will be able to fit into them once again.

I refuse to go buy bigger jeans in the meantime, so I will be rocking my maternity jeans for as long as I can. My maternity jeans are a bit too big, so they are a little bit uncomfortable because the elastic part that is supposed to go over my belly is very loose and they fall down.. But I will make due, and hopefully the weather will start to get warmer so that I can just wear skirts and not have to worry about jeans.  I think I will try on my pre-pregnancy jeans every month to see if they fit, but no more than that because I don’t want to drive myself insane!

That is all until next month’s update! Wish me luck!

Well no post is complete now without a picture of my little guy 🙂 We did tummy time yesterday and Ella wanted to join in.. ahh so freaking cute!

20130228_175713I hope everyone has a great day and wonderful weekend!



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