Weekend fun

Hello friends!

Boo it’s Monday again, and although I’m not currently going into work, Mondays still seem to feel like Mondays. But enough complaining, let’s chat about our weekend!

On Friday I dressed Liam up and we went into my office to see everyone!

20130301_104206He seemed pretty excited about the whole thing.. haha
20130301_130246He was such a good boy.. He slept through most of our visit, but I was there long enough that he woke up and got to see everyone.  It was so nice to see all my friends, I really do miss them.

After I left the office we went over to my momma’s house.  We got to skype with both of my aunts! They loved seeing Liam.  I cannot wait for them to actually come here and meet him.  My mom and grandma took turns holding Liam.. He fell asleep in my grandma’s arms

20130301_170956 20130301_171602That was until he peed through his diaper and woke himself up :(.  After changing and feeding him my mom decided she wanted to hold Liam until he fell asleep because he was being a bit fussy.  What she didn’t realize is that Liam is a little oven.. she was hot.. so she told my sister to get her hair tie.. but my sister had other ideas.

20130301_185116She followed my mom around like this for a good 10 minutes.. I couldn’t stop laughing!  He eventually fell asleep long enough for us to eat dinner and head out to Patti and Ramsey’s house for a little game night.  Game night with a 4 week old is a lot different than it has been in the past..  Liam was overtired, so I fed him, and rocked him until he passed out…

20130301_221004Luckily he stayed asleep though the whole time we were there and even when we got home!  I’ve been using my baby connect app to track his sleeping.  It has really helped me get an idea of what his moods are going to be depending on his nap schedule.  The past few days he has been sleeping almost 14 hours a day and he has been in a great mood when he is awake.  The days that he doesn’t sleep for at least that long he is a grumpy mess. All the books and blogs I’ve been reading say babies should be sleeping about 16 hours a day, so that is what we are striving for.

Other than sleeping, he has been so much more alert and aware of the things around him so we decided it was time to set up his activity play mat.20130303_164415He still seemed more interested in the ceiling fan in our living room and our faces than his play mat, but it was fun to see him laying there kicking. 🙂

Last night my sister came over and we gave Liam a much needed bath… He has had his share of explosive diapers and he needed it.   He absolutely loves baths now, I almost feel bad taking him out of them.
20130303_175827Liam has his one month check up on Wednesday!  He will be 5 weeks old but they didn’t have any appointments last week so we pushed it back a week.  I cannot wait to see how much he weighs, I am totally guessing he is close to nine lbs already!  The best part about Wednesday.. Patti scheduled Michael’s one month appointment on the same day (we have the same pediatrician) so we are going to go to lunch afterwards! I hope the boys are good!

Alright, that’s all for today! I gotta get some work done around the house while Liam naps!

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Weekend fun

  1. natalie @ will jog for food says:

    So cute! I will definitely download the baby connect app.

    Thanks for the tip on the clothes! Since my entire family is saying my baby will be “huge” I was holding off on the newborn size clothes. But I always love an excuse to buy more cute baby things 🙂


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