Five weeks!

Hello friends!

How is everyone on this snowy day!?

20130306_095536Erik is home with us today because it was predicted that we get 6-12 inches of snow.. and well frankly I am a worry wart so I asked him to stay home and do some work from home if he could.

20130306_080253Liam is pretty happy about his decision 🙂20130306_080227We took Liam out in his first snowstorm 🙂


Our little guy is already five weeks old!

5 weeks

Time is really flying by. I go back to work in two weeks 😦  Sometime next week I need to take Liam into his daycare place to fill out some more forms and so that our lady can meet him.  I pray that the transition is relatively easy for the both of us.. I think I will have a harder time with it than he will (at least I hope), but for now this is the only choice we have.

This week he had his one month check up where we found out that he weighs 10 lbs 4 oz! So awesome!  He has been a lot more smiley this week, which is a wonderful sight to wake up to in the middle of the night and early in the morning.  I know Erik loves to come home from work and see his smiley little face too!IMG_0021

Last night he was an amazing sleeper and slept for FIVE HOURS straight! Oh boy, it was awesome!  I’m not too sure it will happen again soon, but I am very hopeful. I have learned that reading Healthy sleep habits, happy child is very helpful.  One of the main points is that sleep encourages more sleep, and that was very true yesterday.  He slept for 15 hours yesterday and napped pretty well so far today.  I hope that we can keep our healthy sleep habits up!

I hope everyone has a great day!  We are sure going to be lounging around.



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