Sleep training

Hello friends!

Happy Friday!  This is a bittersweet Friday for me.. It is my last Friday at home with Liam before I go back to work full time 😦 Just as we were getting into a nice routine, I have to take him to daycare and change it up.. I hope he adjusts quickly to our new routine… In the meantime I’ve been getting in lots of cuddle time..


I think we have been blessed with an awesome sleeper, either that or the tips I’ve been getting from Healthy sleep habits happy child have been spot on and Liam is catching onto them.

I try and only keep him up for 90 minutes at a time.  When he is awake and we are playing sometimes he will start to rub his eyes and blink heavily and I look at how long he has been awake and sure enough it gets close to that 90 minute mark.  At that point we go upstairs to his room, I change him and feed him a little bit while I rock him into a drowsy state.. Then I put him in his crib.. Most of the time he wakes up and wants nothing to do with napping in his crib, but today was a different story.. After I fed him this morning he fell right back asleep.

But like I said most of the time he wants nothing to do with daytime crib napping.. So he usually ends up sleeping on his boppy lounger in the living room with me..

20130314_164626He seems pretty happy in there so I don’t usually move him to his crib.. I guess I should… But I love seeing his squishy little face all day, and I can’t get myself to put him upstairs.. sigh..

At night we have been starting his bedtime routine at a little before 8 pm, and he usually is asleep by 9… His routine consists of.. getting a bath every other day (or every two days, depending on the diaper and spit up situation), diaper change, then Erik feeds him a 2 oz bottle, we have been starting to read him a bedtime story (not that he really understands it, but hey it’s cute), then I feed him again until he falls asleep.  After that I put him in his crib and he usually wakes up a bit but soothes himself back to sleep and has been sleeping for 5-7 hours straight!  I really hope that this pattern continues now that I am going back to work!

I hope that the daycare keeps track of his sleep habits, diaper changes, and feedings like I do on my baby connect app.  Since I’ve been tracking his sleep patterns he has been getting more sleep and is a happier baby when he is awake.

Screenshot_2013-03-13-16-16-17If you don’t have the app and you are a new mom.. get it.. trust me it’s amazing!

I hope that everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! Here’s to hoping that the weather is nice so we can go out!




2 thoughts on “Sleep training

  1. Kathy says:

    I downloaded an app very similar to Baby Connect that I plan on using (the Baby Connect app is $5 and I’m cheap – the other app, Bubtrac, is free). Glad you’ve found it useful.


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