Hello friends!

Man I am exhausted today.  We went to my mom’s house for dinner last night because it was the Iranian New year, happy new year!!!


While we were there my mom and I went to my sister’s soccer game.. They beat Lee HS 8-0! Insane..  When we got back Liam was screaming because he was tired and hungry.. We have been putting him to bed at around 7:30 every night and it was around 9 when my mom and I got back to my mom’s house.  He wasn’t happy…

It is so true that babies like schedules and routines, because last night was a little rough.  When we got home it was already 10pm and he was hungry and tired but wouldn’t go to sleep.. He usually gets drowsy when I feed him at night and when he is done I put him in his crib and he goes right to sleep.  Last night was not the case. He was a little fussy and eventually went to sleep at 11…20130319_193430

He is such a good little boy and slept until 4:40 am, I got up, changed and fed him and he went right back to sleep.. But I had to get up again at 5:30 am to get ready for work.. yuck… He was still sleeping at 6:30 am and I felt bad that I had to wake him up to take him to daycare 😦 poor little guy… He is a trooper tho, because he was all smiles this morning.  It makes it easier on me to leave him at daycare when he is in a good mood.

When I dropped him off he was half asleep, so I hope that he get some much needed rest today. I love our little guy 🙂

Tomorrow he has a play date with CADEN!!!!!!! ahh I am so freaking excited. I hope they will at least look at each other and smile.. That would be a huge step up from the last time they hung out when they just slept the whole time. Meep! I can’t wait!

IMG_9575I hope everyone has a great day!



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