Workout Fail

Hello friends!

Welp I had a feeling this would happen.. I said I was going to commit to doing P90x last week and I failed.. I’m not making excuses but last week was really busy (okay so that was an excuse), but really. We had something planned every night last week… Don’t worry Liam isn’t buying my lame excuses either


But this week is a new week, and after watching the finale of Biggest Loser Sunday night, I found some motivation to work out yesterday.  Liam was exhausted from daycare


So I decided to do Cardio x while he was relaxing with Erik after he got back from the gym.  Cardio X kicked my butt, and I again didn’t get to finish because Liam was sleeping and hungry around 7 so I had to stop it 9 minutes short.  I think all that was left was the cool down and stretching, so I don’t think all was lost.



Tonight’s workout is shoulders & Arms and Ab ripper X.. I know for a fact that Ab ripper X is going to kick my butt.  I’ve also decided that I am going to cut out the Yoga day, Yoga isn’t my thing (believe me I tired to like it), and the dvd is an hour and a half long. I just cannot commit that kind of time right now.  Maybe I can try to throw the yoga dvd in on the weekend when Liam is sleeping during the day, and I have more time.  I think instead of the yoga portion I will add the Plyometrics dvd in. Couldn’t hurt..errrr We’ve learned from our mistake…



I hope everyone has a great day!


4 thoughts on “Workout Fail

  1. Kathy says:

    If you’re wanting to make the yoga video work, I’ve found that there’s a good stopping point around 30 minutes, and then again at an hour. Just a thought.


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