Best Friend Playdate #2

Hello friends!

Liam has had two best friend playdates in a week!  He is loving life.  Michael came over to play last night.

IMG_0206You can blame my sister for pulling Liam’s pants up so high.. Rose says he looks like a little old man.
IMG_0210They were so cute together. Michael is very serious about having his picture taken 🙂  They are so stinkin cute.  IMG_0215We are so grateful to have such wonderful mommy and baby friends, watching all these little guys grow up together is going to be so wonderful.  You remember what they looked like last month when we got them together..

Liam!!!!1It’s awesome to see how much they have grown since last month!  We are hoping take this picture every month so we can see how much they have changed in a year! I love them so much!  Erin don’t you want to move up here so you can be with all this adorableness all the time?!!  We sure would love it!


I hope everyone has a great day! TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! And my aunt and uncle are here from Iran! YESSSSSS.. I cannot wait for them to meet Liam.


2 thoughts on “Best Friend Playdate #2

  1. Brittney says:

    They are SO CUTE together! I’m definitely jealous that you guys have babies so close in age and live close so you can hang out. I have tons of friends with babies, but they are all at least 2 months older than Allie or much more than that, so it’s a bigger gap. Still fun, but not the same!


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