Afternoon Smiles

Hello friends!

Liam and I are feeling much better today.. well Liam is feeling a lot better than I am but I do believe my cold is slowly starting to go away. Erik’s aunt and uncle came by for a visit last night.. They were in Florida with my mother and father in law for two weeks and are on their way back up to Chicago.  They wanted to stop by and meet Liam 🙂  Of course I didn’t take any picture of them holding Liam, but I did get some cute smiles from him yesterday afternoon.  We can’t wait to go to the lake this summer to play with all the babies and to see Aunt Sue and Uncle Kevin again.

20130401_175257 20130401_175522 20130401_175333 20130401_175313


Gosh I love him so much 🙂 In other news…Liam has his two month check up tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what his 2 month stats are 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day 🙂


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