9 Weeks Old!

Hello friends!

Oh my nine weeks old…

IMG_0245Look at those chunky little legs!  This onesie is 6-9 month onesie.. haha I figured hey I need these white onesies to last for months so I might as well get bigger ones.  Surprisingly he fits into them really well.

He is getting more and more expressive everyday!


I seriously cannot accurately put into words how much I love this little boy. We try and do tummy time every afternoon after daycare and he usually ends up looking like this..

IMG_0276Licking the blanket.. I’m pretty sure that isn’t what tummy time is all about. He really wants to push off with his knees when he is on his tummy.

IMG_0278Then ends up getting frustrated because he can’t and isn’t going anywhere, so he cries and we end tummy time.  This week Liam had his first cold and first fever, we took him to the doctor twice. You can read about it here.  He is feeling a little better everyday. The doctor had said colds typically last 10 days so we are on day six.. four more days of stuffy noses.

IMG_20130330_094327My aunt and uncle from Iran are here visiting 🙂 and they looooooooooove our little Liam

IMG_0289He is forever surrounded by a bunch of big heads and he loves it.
IMG_0290 IMG_0291Aunt Sue and Uncle Kevin also came to visit Liam this week, but we were terrible and forgot to take pictures.. bad mommy. As I mentioned last week, he has his two month check up this afternoon.  I was going to wait and post this after the appointment but obviously I decided against that. I will share his stats tomorrow. 20130402_184556

Liam is also very loud. haha. He definitely got that from me, but I also think it’s because he is at daycare and all the little kids are so loud he wants to be just like them.  Sleeping is going really well. He usually goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 and sleeps until around 2.  I change him, feed him and put him back down until around 5 when he gets up and is hungry and ready to be changed into his daytime clothes.

He is in full 3 month clothes now, and I wonder if I should start looking into his 3-6 month outfits to see what fits him.   The outfits are getting cuter and cuter, now that I can finally put him in a onesie and pants.  He got his first sweatsuit from my mom’s best friend.

Snapchat-9160He is the best!

I hope everyone has a great day!



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