Shots..not the fun kind

Hello friends!

Oh boy oh boy was last night horrible… Our little guy got two shots yesterday at his doctor’s appointment…

20130403_150751He did really well while he got the shots but when he woke up from his nap a few hours after we left the doctors office he was absolutely miserable.  Note to self.. next time Liam has to get shots, he is not allowed to go to sleep afterwards. I need to keep him up and rub the injection point and move his legs a lot so that the medicine gets distributed.

Before we went to the doctor for his shots he was so happy and smiley just sitting around talking to my grandma..

20130403_114613 20130403_114620 20130403_114626 20130403_114609so precious 🙂

His 2 month (9 week) stats are:
Height- 23 1/4 in – 65th percentile
Weight- 12 lbs 9 oz – 75th percentile
Head size- 16 in – 65th percentile

He is growing so well!  The doctor did say that he wants me to make Liam a donut pillow for under his head at night because one side of his head is flatter than the other.  So my mom and sister were arguing about the best way to construct said donut pillow last night.

He also said Liam has really good head and neck control and that when he is three months old he wants me to start putting him in an exersaucer.

exersaucervia amazon

I need to do some research and see which is the best one, for the cheapest price. If anyone has any suggestions please help a momma out 🙂  I really don’t want to spend too much money on this.  He also wants us to do more tummy time and have him start sitting up so that he isn’t laying on the back of his head so much.  I think it’s time to whip out the bumbo that Alaina got him.

Welp I hope everyone has a great day!





5 thoughts on “Shots..not the fun kind

  1. Joanna says:

    Or just tell me to shut up. I have a problem with researching everything…admitting this is the first step to recovery right?


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