Angry Baby

Hello friends!

Wow I felt like Friday was never going to come.  This has been the longest week of the year.. seriously. Yesterday morning Liam and I were chatting before I took him to daycare and he told me how he really felt about me taking him to the doctor and making him get shots.

He said next time to take me in to get shots I will punch you mom….


He even tried to take a swing at me..


But we talked it out and we came to an understanding that if he had to get shots, I was going to be very diligent and rub the injection spot so that his legs didn’t hurt like they did the other night. 20130404_064558

It was a pretty serious conversation… But in the end he understands that shots are good for him and that the pain only lasts a few hours.
Gosh I love him 🙂 hehe

I hope everyone has a great day and wonderful weekend!.. Today is my dad’s birthday and my aunt is coming from England to meet Liam 🙂 we can’t wait!


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