Weekend Fun

Hello friends!

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was jam packed.. My aunt from England flew in on Friday and we have been hanging out with my family since. Get ready for a ton of pictures 🙂

On Friday we went over to my momma’s house to spend time with my aunties 🙂  They played with Liam while, Ava, Erik, Ella and I went to pinkberry for desert 🙂

20130405_201701Ella loved it.  We went home shortly after we got back.  Liam’s sleep schedule has been wacky all week because we have been over at my mom’s house visiting with my aunt and uncle, so he has been going to bed around 11 each night.. yikes.

Saturday morning we did a little house cleaning then headed over to my momma’s house again to hang out with my family.  But not before Erik, Liam and I went to Elevation burger for lunch.. Oh man that place is ammmmmmazing! I wore my new necklace and shirt that my aunt brought for me from England 🙂

20130406_140047And after lunch we headed to DC to see the “Cherry Blossoms” haha. They have not bloomed yet but it was a nice day so we wanted to be outside. 59268_619706674711012_1127875685_n64169_619706691377677_1996624508_n

Liam wore his new sweater.. My cousins Parsa and Kian bought for him 🙂  I think he likes it.
528200_619706244711055_698771567_n 534061_619706298044383_1328571627_n 11628_619706388044374_590699037_n 603889_619706411377705_1550980962_n

He is all smiles because #1 he loves his sweater, #2 it’s sunny out, and #3 he just ate.. It was my first time breastfeeding in public.. I think it went really well I love my nursing cover, but I will write a separate post about breastfeeding in public later this week.521625_619706448044368_226696770_n

It was so nice to be able to go outside without a jacket on and enjoy the sites of our gorgeous city.524535_619706521377694_586800617_n We even saw a massive pillow fight in the middle of the mall. It was silly. 535753_619706551377691_1136760694_nSunday morning Liam and I slept in while Erik got ready and headed out to his first football game of the season…

20130406_084558I was fake sleeping so he could take the picture.. haha.  We took Liam out to brunch with Philippe, Luke and Allie. And later Sunday night Erik and I had our first softball game.  It had been a while… IMG_20130407_204128I am learning that I am super clumsy right now.. My legs are heavier than they have ever been and my body doesn’t know how to handle it.. I will do another post on that later this week too.. oy..

My sister babysat and she did a great job. We tired to put him down for the night at 7:30, but he kept waking up.. and sure enough as soon as I stepped out the door he woke up.  But she kept him pretttty happy

20130407_205204 Does this look like the face of a baby that is sleepy? 20130407_202955_0_ Ya I didn’t think so.. haha20130407_205612But eventually she gave him a paci and he started to drift off.

20130407_214950 And as soon as we got home he was asleep.20130407_215830We put him in his crib and took out his paci and he slept for a good 30 minutes before he woke up crying and hungry! Again.. this kid ate for over 3 hours yesterday.. I am pretty sure he is going through a massive growth spurt. But he eventually fell asleep.

Luckily I am not the least bit sore today! And I am excited to take Liam to the softball games next weekend 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!


What did you do this weekend?


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