At the hospital

Hello friends.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.  We are currently in the hospital.


In the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, Liam had a fever of 102, which eventually came down after about an hour or two, but we were on the phone with the pediatrician on call and she told us to keep an eye on him and make sure to call at 7am and take him into the office.  So we called and took him in at 8 am.  While we were at the office the doctor took his temperature and decided because his fever was so high she wanted to take some blood and a urine sample.

They had to take the urine sample via catheter 😦 As you can imagine he didn’t like it, but was a very good boy.

They took the blood and tested it for RSV, which for adults is just the common cold.  But the common cold can cause some problems with little babies. They also said his white blood count was really high at 29 (high end normal is 13), and they couldn’t really blame the RSV for that, so we were told to take him to the hospital.  I was terrified.  My sweet little 11 week old was being admitted to the hospital…


While in the emergency room they gave him some baby Tylenol to bring down his fever and started an IV.


It is really really hard to see your 11 week old laying on a hospital bed.. But I know that we are doing everything we can to help him get better. After his IV and tylenol he perked right up and was back to his smiley happy self.


We have been just sitting around waiting to hear the results of his blood work, which I am happy to report came back so far so good.  He has been such a little trooper in this whole thing.


Yesterday was a better day.. they came early in the morning to take some more blood to check his white blood count, which went from 29 to 17! YAY. He has been feeling better with each passing hour. At one point in the afternoon he was really fussy and we couldn’t figure out why, until we realized he wanted to sit up.. and read… haha…


What a silly boy, and yes he is reading the kids menu.. he wanted me to order him some vanilla pudding.


We were waiting for the doctors to come in this morning to let us know what has been going on, and they said that as long as he picks up his eating during the morning we can go home today! They also informed us that his white blood count has gone down even more to 13!  Good job little buddy!20130419_100700

My boy is a fighter


now if he would stop being so stubborn and eat more so we can go home! I love him so much and I would do anything for him.

Erik and I have a lot to think and talk about regarding putting Liam back into daycare, but I know that whatever we decide will be in his best interest.. I just know that I cannot watch him laying in a hospital bed ever again, and I pray that I never have to..

That’s all for now, hopefully we will be back home tonight.

I hope everyone has a great day.

4 thoughts on “At the hospital

  1. Brittney says:

    Oh no! Poor Liam! And poor you! I would not do well if I had to see Allie in the hospital either. Hoping for a speedy recovery and lots of snuggle time for you and Liam!


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