11 Weeks

Hello friends!

Thank you all for your concern, Liam is home and doing very well. He is making up for lost time in regards to his eating habits 🙂 and he is back to his normal happy self. He is turning into quite the chatterbox, just like his momma 😉



So I am a little late to this week’s weekly post, but we took these pictures on Saturday so I figure it was close enough to his 11 week mark to use them. I didn’t want to use the hospital pictures as his 11 week picture..

11 weeksAs you all know when he turned 11 weeks he was admitted into the hospital for RSV and bronciolitis.

Other than that hiccup he is amazing and has been doing great.  All the nurses and doctors said that he is very alert and really strong for only being 11 weeks old. Erik is convinced that he is going to grow up to be stronger than him and will start beating him up 😉

IMG_0395Eating has been going well, as I mentioned he is making up for the two days he didn’t really eat by nursing constantly, which I am totally okay with right now.

This past week I feel like he has made a huge jump in his development, he is so much more aware of things going on around him.  I can barely get him to focus on nursing sometimes. This morning he wouldn’t stop staring at the sparkles on my shirt, he kept grabbing at them and wanting to pull them off.  He loves his activity gym, he has been grabbing at the objects that hang down from it and he tries to talk to them. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

We are still doing tummy time… he still doesn’t like it too much because he wants to be able to move.  He seems to do the superman a lot


Then looks at me like ” mom why are you making me do this?!”

IMG_0390He has been sleeping well.  We get about 6 hours of continuous sleep at a time at nights yippie!  Everything has been off schedule the last few weeks, so we are trying to get back into a rhythm.  We want bedtime to be between 7 and 8, which would mean he would get up around 1 to nurse, then go back to sleep and wake up around 6ish, just in time for me to take him to either my mom’s house or my mother in law’s house.

Speaking of.. We have decided to take Liam out of daycare, at least until his first birthday.  Until then, my mom, grandma, aunt and Erik’s mom will be taking turns watching him.. That is unless I am unemployed at the end of this month.. at that point I will stay home with him until I can find another job.  I am so happy with this decision. I know that he can catch a cold from anyone, at any point, but he is too young to be in daycare, and I really just can’t see him that sick again.  So as a family we are going to make it work 🙂

Everything will work out 🙂

20130421_150921 I hope everyone has a great day. Man I cannot believe he will be three months old in TWO DAYS 🙂


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