Three Months old!!!

Hello friends!

Holy cow Liam is three months old.


The beginning of this week was spent in the hospital as you all know,IMG_0530

IV spot 

but the last half has been all fun and games.  It is so good to have our smiley little man back.


Since we were in the hospital and he wasn’t eating very much the first few days of this 12th week, I think my milk supply has decreased… which I am not too happy about.  I used to pump anywhere from 16-18 oz a day while at work and now I am lucky to get 12-14 oz.  I’m not sure if that is a milk supply issue or if he just eats more in the mornings now before I drop him off.


I mentioned that we took him out of daycare this week.  I am so happy with this decision, it gives me some piece of mind.  Not that there was anything wrong with the daycare, we loved it there, but I (along with the rest of our families) think he is way too young to be in daycare. And we are so very grateful to have such a wonderful support system and to have the option of leaving Liam with our families.  That being said, I have about six more days to find a job or else I will be unemployed at the end of this month.

If that were to happen, which seems pretty likely, I will continue to look for a job, but I will be the one that stays home with him 🙂 Not that I am complaining, the more I spend time with him the more I want to stay home with him forever.


Sleeping at night has been going pretty well.  He has been going to bed between 7 and 8 and sleeping until around 1 or 2.  Sometimes I actually like to take him out of his bed at 10 before we go to bed and see if he will feed (most of the time he will), that way he stays asleep until 4am! WOOT.  At which point I change him and feed him again and put him down for another nap until around 6:30 am when he wakes up.  Change, eat, and head out the door to gma’s house.


Naps are a different story. Obviously I am not home during the day, but the reports I get back from my grandma and aunt aren’t great. Some days he wants to nap.. other days he takes 15 to 20 min cat naps and is awake the rest of the time.  Not cool little buddy, you need your sleep!  If I am home with him I will try and get him on a more regular nap schedule.  That way when I go back to work, whoever is watching him will be able to follow a routine.


Liam is also becoming more and more alert with each passing day.  He almost needs constant stimulation when he is awake or else he gets fussy.  I mentioned that I bought him a baby Einstein exersaucer, and we have been spending more time in his activity gym.


He has started grabbing stuff and trying to hold on to it 🙂 Also during feedings he seems to be fascinated with the designs on my shirts. Or with my face.. He likes to grab at my face and when I look at him he laughs at me.  He is such a silly boy. We are also getting better at tummy time 🙂

IMG_0522 IMG_0526

Let’s see what else… oh ya we are moving up to size 2 diapers, and he is in full 3 month clothes.  Some of which are already too small. Yikes!  I have been putting him in 3-6 month outfits which seem to fit him well.  I am worried he will outgrow some of his clothes before he has a chance to wear them.  Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been cooperating because most of this 3 month clothes are short sleeved.


Here are his three month stats!

Three Month stats *of course I forgot to do this last night.. I will update this tonight

  • Weight =
  • Height = 23 1/2”
  • Head circumference =
  • Number of shots = 0
  • Likes = kicking, looking at colorful toys, reading/storytime, dancing
  • Dislikes = being in his car seat, tummy time when he is tired

I hope everyone has a great day!



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