Liam’s Nursery Mobile

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a great rainy Monday. I thought I would pop in with my newest pinterest project 🙂 My twinsie Erin made one for Caden, and after looking high and low for a crib mobile I decided I wanted to make my own too.


The only reason it even cost that much was because I had to buy a 1.5 inch hole punch. (actually the one I got from joann fabrics was 1.78 inches)


via amazon

I used the inside of a 8 inch wooden embroidery hoop

hoopvia amazon

And some fishing line

fishinglinevia amazon

By the way the links are amazon associate links, thanks for helping us out!

First I punched out the holes.  I didn’t realize how much scrapbook paper I had laying around not being used. 20130424_191712Prep.. I took out the inside of the embroidery hoop and used it as the top of the mobile.  
IMG_0531and decided to cover it in the fabric I had laying around from Liam’s weekly picturesIMG_0533 Then I took the fishing line and made a pie..IMG_0535I actually cut out WAYYY too many circles.. I only needed 84 circles. IMG_0536 I poked a tiny hole in the middle of each circle, and tied little knots on each string dropped a circle, tied another knot about 2 inches away from the other circle, and dropped another circle.IMG_0537I made the middle strand with 8 circles and about 16” long.  Then I used 4 more strings with 7 circles in the middle alternating strings, and finally 8 more strings with 6 circles for the outer most lines.
IMG_0538 We hung it up yesterday and I took about 20 pictures. I love it so much.IMG_0584 IMG_0585 IMG_0586 IMG_0587 Hopefully Liam likes it too 🙂IMG_0588


He seemed interested it in when I was holding it up for him…20130425_152402

Since today is my last day of work, and I will be unemployed I’ve decided that I am going to sell them in my Etsy store, so if you want me to make you one, or you are thinking of getting one for a baby shower, check it out.  You can customize the colors based on your nursery decorations. I am really trying to think of anything I can do to make some money while I look for another job.  And who knows if some of my talents start making me some good money I can live my dream of being a stay at home mom. Soooo help a momma out 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!


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