13 weeks

Hello friends!

Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday, but Liam had a fever again yesterday 😦


I took him to the doctor’s office and they checked him out and sent us home with some inhaled steroids.. bleh.  They said his cough should be better in 2-3 days.  I am happy to report that his fever is gone today and he is feeling MUCH better.  Thank goodness too because yesterday was horrible. He was so miserable it broke my heart.


And now that he is feeling better, I can do his 13 week post! Yes my little guy is 13 weeks old. Time is really flying by.

13 Weeks

This week was my last week of work, for now until I find a new job, and he got to go to Erik’s parents house for the day.

liamatgpaandgmaHe helped his grandpa with some spreadsheets, watched a soccer match with him and then watched some cooking shows with grandma.  He is also still loving his baby Einstein.

20130430_073859 20130428_110144 20130428_110916He is becoming more and more observant every day. I think the crazy colors of his exersaucer help, but he loves to look at everything and everyone.  When he meets a new person he stares at them as if he wants to memorize everything about them.

Also this week he went to my sister’s senior night for soccer 🙂 We got to escort her onto the field.  Liam wore his best outfit.

20130430_195646He has also starting grabbing things and putting them into his mouth.  The other day it seemed like he took his paci and put it in his mouth.. I think it was a fluke but he did it, so I’ll give him credit for it 🙂
20130502_095958 20130502_100222 20130502_095952After I took those pictures he got pretty mad that the rings were stuck and he couldn’t put the whole thing in his mouth.. What a silly boy. He is a huge fan of shoving both of his fists into his mouth at the same time and making himself gag.

Okie I am going to go hang out with my little guy 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!


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