No nap

Hello friends!

Boy was yesterday exhausting.. being a stay at home mom is no joke, especially when some little man refuses to nap…

20130506_162920 We battled alllll day… I think he might have taken three 20 minute naps all day.. 20130506_163219It was not very fun.  He didn’t even nap well in the car when Erik’s mom and I went to the consignment store in Chantilly! Well I lied. He did nap, but he woke up as soon as we got there, and wasn’t very happy about it. I did manage to find what I needed! I scored a Baby Bjorn carrier for $22! Looks brand new too!  I’m pretty stoked about it because they normally cost over $80.

Liam did have a little fun at the store. Unfortunately I didn’t buy these glasses for him, but my twinsie Erin says that Target has them for like $5.. soooo we will be making a trip there sometime this week. 20130506_123014We have started a bedtime routine, so that maybe just maybe Liam will start sleeping longer than 3-4 hours at a time at night. I don’t know what happened to my good 6-7 hour sleeper 😦 But he is gone and I want him back! His bedtime routine now consists of a bath,

20130506_190251 20130506_190242story-time, and a feeding.

ahh I gotta jump, Liam is awake.. from his. what 27 minute nap.. oy, I hope he takes a long nap at some point today.

Wish me luck!

Have a great day!



One thought on “No nap

  1. Kathy says:

    I hear ya on the naps… Emma will still sleep for a few hours during her naps but it’s getting her to sleep that’s the big challenge. It gets so frustrating! Hope today is going better.


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