15 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Oh boy, Liam grew like a weed this week and I love it.. Well I wasn’t loving the constant nursing and no nap deal but it was worth it.  In a week Liam gained 9 oz!! That is totally insane!

15 weeks

According to my scale at home he weighs 15 lbs 14 oz! I love my little piggy 🙂

IMG_0872We are still struggling with loving tummy time.. he can stand it for like five minutes at a time.

IMG_0865 IMG_0864Then he gets mad that he isn’t going anywhere and starts screamingIMG_0881

IMG_0871He just wants to sit upright or walk!

IMG_0876Silly boy. He also loves watching the Voice and Hockey.. I know we probably shouldn’t let him watch tv, but he gets mad when the tv is on and he can’t see it.IMG_0856Unless we are playing with him.. so I let him watch about five minutes of the hockey game on Sunday then we played

IMG_0885He is also really starting to love story time. We have been putting it into his bedtime routine for a past 2 weeks and at first he didn’t seem interested but this past week he really started paying attention.. either that or he really loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar

IMG_0890 IMG_0889 IMG_0891Which is really no surprise because it is about food and eating too much… oh man. Good thing Erik and I are very active people, so we know that our children will all be active and will never be overweight!

Liam also got his first pair of sunglasses and we took him out in his new baby bjorn (which I got from the consignment store for $22, heck ya!)

20130509_121552 Snapchat-8273

He loves being able to look out while he is in the bjorn.  You cannot wear them facing outward in the ergo, and to top it off the ergo is really too warm to wear in the summertime.  But I am glad we have both options.

It was also finally warm enough to break out Liam’s shorts.. oh man baby shorts are the best. He was showing off his diapy in this picture.. 20130510_100949

He also continues to love his baby Eisenstein and now his feet ALMOST touch the ground!20130513_110502

ah I love him.. Okay I’ll stop now.. I feel like this week has been so busy. oh ya I want to talk about sleeping and napping but this post is already way long so I will save it for Friday’s post :).

I hope everyone has a great day!



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