Liam and Michael’s 3.5 month play date

Hello friends!

How is everyone today!?  I’ve mentioned this on fb but I haven’t put it on my blog yet, but I got a job!  I was given the offer on Monday, and I will be starting next week!  It is sort of bittersweet for me because I love being at home with Liam and Ella, but I know that if we want to buy a bigger house and go on a few vacations here and there I need to work.  At least for now 🙂  But I am super excited to be working for this company, I really love their core values and they are going to help me with tons of training so that I can do what I want to do.  I had told Erik from the beginning if I am going to go back to work, I have to love what I am doing.  So we are going to be working towards that! Wish me luck!

Annyyyway 🙂 At my party on Saturday we decided to take Liam and Michael’s monthly picture 🙂

Liam!!!!2They are really the cutest, and we cannot wait to show them these pictures when they get older. IMG_0806

They had a pretty good time

IMG_0814IMG_0817This is my favorite picture of all time

IMG_0823ahh I love them 🙂

IMG_0824IMG_0828I hope everyone has a great day!


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