Sleep Regression

Hello friends!

Happy Friday!20130516_111013

****So I started writing this post a few days ago and since I started writing it Liam’s nighttime sleep has gotten better. In fact last night he slept for 7 hours straight! WOOT! Hopefully that isn’t a fluke and I am doing something right… But I wanted to write about this so that if other new moms go through this I want them to know its normal and they are not alone.****

As I mentioned earlier this week I wanted to write a post about sleep.. Well sleep regression.. Liam HAD been sleeping really well at night, I’m talking 5-7 hours straight, but this past week he has only been sleeping for 3 hours at a time.. ugh, as you can imagine I am exhausted, and it’s not going to get any better for me if he doesn’t snap out of this regression soon.  20130516_130743

Wednesday night he did sleep 4.5 hours straight so I think we are making progress!  Our daytime naps are doing really well, knock on wood they keep up and I didn’t just jinx it. It’s the nighttime sleep that needs work.

Liam’s sleep schedule, if you can call it that, has been like this…

Wake up between 7:30- 8 am
Change, play, eat
Nap #1 – 10:30 am – 1pm (ish)
change, play eat
Nap #2 – this one is tricky, sometimes he takes this nap sometimes he doesn’t, but it typically happens at around 3:30 pm and he will sleep for an hour or an hour an a half. then he is typically awake from 4:30 until we start our bedtime routine.

We have been starting the bedtime routine, which includes, a bath, story time, a 2-3 oz bottle, and then nursing until he falls asleep, at 7 or 7:30 pm.  We usually end up putting him down in his crib around 8, and he has been sleeping until around 11 then he wakes up.. oy.. He eats a little more then goes back to sleep until around 2 or 3. Then gets up change, eat.. and its a little harder to put him back down after this. I don’t know why, but the other night I just put him in his bed while he was still kinda awake, and with a few minutes of whining he fell asleep!!! I was amazed. I really hope that wasn’t a fluke and he is learning to self soothe.

****This self soothing phenomenon happened again last night so I am realllly hoping it is here to stay :)**** Take a look at my baby connect app.. notice the seven hours of sleep he got last night 🙂

Screenshot_2013-05-17-06-34-04And his total sleep over the past few days.

Screenshot_2013-05-17-06-34-10I will try and give an update about his sleep habits either at the end of next week or the beginning of the following.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend 🙂





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