So you have to pump four times a day at work workout

Hello friends!

So I’ve mentioned that I have a new job, and while I love it, it does have one down side. I no longer have my own office… which means I cannot pump in an office.. Luckily in the bathroom of this building there is a shower room complete with a bench and a door with a lock!  So I pump in there 4 times a day!  It’s boring.  When I would pump in my office I had the internet at my disposal and I could work on blog posts in the 15 minutes I had to pump each time.  So today I was pumping and I was think, “Hey Dorsa, why don’t you use this time to workout!?”

Whhaat workout while you pump?! Call me insane but I rarely have time when I get home to do any sort of workout so I have been brainstorming ways to fit it into my schedule and I think I might have found a solution.  I will be working out while I pump.  Obviously there are some limitations to this because well I am physically attached to a pumping machine, but I can make it work.

This entire week (I guess other than Monday) I have been following his workout. I plan on doing this workout rotation for the next four weeks then switching it up if need be. If you try it let me know how it works out for you :).

So you have to pump four times a day at work workout

Monday (2 sets of 25 unless otherwise noted)
– Calf raises with shoulder press with resistance band
– Resistance band squat
– Body weight step ups
-Seated bench front leg lift

Tuesday ( 2 sets of 20, unless otherwise noted)
– one legged squats
– squats
– sumo squats
– Straight leg outer hip abductor
– Standing adductor
– 1 minute Wall sit

Wednesday (3 sets of 25, unless otherwise noted)
– resistance band standing shoulder press
– resistance band standing lateral raise
– resistance band standing font raise
– resistance band standing Arnold press
– arm circles (forward & backward)

Thursday (3 sets of 25, unless otherwise noted)
– bench dip
– resistance band standing arm tricep extension
– resistance band standing hammer curl
– resistance band standing bicep curl
– resistance band standing reverse curl

Friday (3 sets of 50, unless otherwise noted)
– resistance band rotation
– resistance band side bends
– standing lunges (3 sets of 25)
– resistance band calf raises
– One leg kickback

Hopefully I start seeing some results soon, I have a few weddings to go to this summer and I want to look good. That and well it’s the dreaded bathing suit season. I can and will do this!

I hope everyone has a great day!


3 thoughts on “So you have to pump four times a day at work workout

  1. Kathy says:

    That is a brilliant idea! I will have to try this once I go back to work. Do you have a bra that holds the flanges in place?

    Glad you like your new job!


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