Ava’s Prom

Hello friends!

Sorry this post is so late, but this weekend was a busy (and eventful) one and I just didn’t have time to write any posts.  On Saturday, Erik and I went on a 2.5 hour bike ride on the trails near our house.  It was awesome.  I did some major complaining because I was getting really sore towards the end of the ride, but Erik kept encouraging me and I finished the ride and I felt great!  A huge thank you to my mom who came over to our house to watch Liam so that I could go with Erik! Love you mom!

After our bike ride, I cleaned the house a bit and we watched TV until it was time to go to my sister’s friend’s house to take some pre prom pictures. My sister looked so beautiful.  I am so proud of the sweet and caring young woman she has grown to be. Ava I know that daddy is so proud of you, I love you sissy!

Okay enough sappy stuff, I am sure you are ready to be bombarded with pictures!

IMG_1223 IMG_1225 IMG_1247 970681_4158112571182_1568322817_n 941972_4158113851214_956266871_nI love my family!

I hope everyone has a great night!



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