19 Weeks

Hello friends!

Another week another adorable update!  Liam is 19 weeks old today

19 weeks

This week has been full of Liam’s “firsts”. He is growing up way too fast and it is really making me sad sometimes.  But I am enjoying every second that we are together.  This week Liam went to the “pool” for the very first time.


He loved it.. It might have been a little cold so we didn’t keep the boys in there for very long but when he was in the pool he was happy.


I need to go get some swimming diapers for ourselves, because my mom also has a pool in her neighborhood that we will be taking Liam to, that and I don’t want to use all of Michael’s swimmy diapers.


Also this week, we took Liam out for the first time in his Bob without the carseat and adaptor.  He loved it so much.  I was walking in front of him with Ella and he was having a good time watching Ella.  He was even falling asleep towards the end of our walk.

IMG_1509 IMG_1508

Like I said it is crazy how fast he is growing up and some parts of it make me sad, but I am mostly very happy and so excited to watch him grow up.


I’ve also made an executive decision to start Liam on solids the week he turns 24 weeks, which is the week of July 15th.  Despite the pediatrician’s advice to start him on solids now, I want to wait another month or so.  I think he is ready for solids now but I don’t want to rush it.  I’ve read that he will go through another growth spurt this week, and probably at least one more before he turns 24 weeks, so I am waiting.


I’ve also read that the sooner you start your baby on solids the sooner he will wean off of breast-milk and I really want him to nurse until he is a year old.

Sleep.. oh sleep has been pretty good!  All the information I’ve been reading recommend that babies at Liam’s age sleep for 11-14 hours a day. Check! He is doing just thatScreenshot_2013-06-11-05-09-29

He sleeps anywhere from 3-5 hours during the day (from 5am-7:30pm) and sleep for 6-9 hours at night.  Most of the nighttime sleep is continuous!  I mean sometimes he wakes up after being asleep for 5 hours, but he eats and usually goes back to sleep right away.  Obviously some days are better than others but we are getting the hang of it.  I think his good nighttime sleep is due to the fact that he gets about 7-8 oz of milk before he goes to bed.   Like I’ve mentioned we give him a 3-4 oz bottle before he nurses and he gets another 3-4 oz that way.  I wonder how that is going to change once he starts eating solids.  We might have to cut out his nighttime bottle.. who knows. We will just figure it out once we get to it. IMG_1517

Oh ya Diana said she still hadn’t heard Liam laugh so Monday night Erik was making Liam laugh like crazy so I secretly recorded him 🙂 enjoy

Okay I’ve babbled enough for today! I hope everyone has a great day!


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