Graduation letter to my sissy

Dearest Ava,

You have been so special to me since the first time I held you at the hospital the day you were born.  And now look at you… graduating from high school.


I had always wanted a little sister, and when mom and dad told me you were joining our family I was so excited.  At the time I couldn’t imagine how much I would love you, and how much I would enjoy watching you grow up to be such a beautiful young lady. You completed our little family.

20130611_071232 20130611_071240

We did everything together. You were such a good sport. You let me dress you up and pretend that you were my little doll.


And now you get the opportunity to watch Liam grow up.  You are such a great auntie to Liam; he is a very lucky little guy.  I want you to cherish every moment you have with him, because before you know it he will be walking across the stage, graduating, and you will be writing him a letter like this.


I know daddy can’t be here with us today to watch you walk across that stage, but know that he is watching you and cheering you on from heaven.  I know that he is so proud of you and everything you have accomplished.  I know you are capable of doing great things if you set your mind to it.20130611_071404 20130611_071426

This has been a hard post for me to write (I may or may not have cried a few times) because I really cannot believe my baby sister is an adult, graduating high school and moving away to college. I love you so much. Please call everyday when you are in school, trust me mom will need it (and so will I).  Above all be safe, study hard and have fun (within reason).



Your big sissy



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