Erik’s First Father’s Day

Hello friends!

It’s almost Friday!  I know its almost a week late but I wanted to share our first Father’s day adventures.  Well I guess not really adventures, haha.   Erik and Liam dressed in matching outfits for the day, aren’t they the cutest!

IMG_1729Liam and I made Erik his Father’s Day present this year.

20130616_111646We spent one sunny Sunday morning in the backyard taking hundreds of pictures with these letters.  I think Liam had a great time. There were so many adorable pictures to choose from.. here are a few..

IMG_1329 IMG_1319 IMG_1308 IMG_1298 IMG_1290 IMG_1279

But in the end we (well really I) chose these three and printed them and framed them 🙂

Fathers day gift 2013I love the way it turned out.. It was such a perfect day for it too!  Erik loved it, and was totally surprised when we gave it to him (he wasn’t home when we took the pictures).

I hope all the dad’s out there had a great Father’s Day.. Most of all Happy Father’s Day to my hubby, my dad and my father-in-law.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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