Choosing an Umbrella Stroller

Hello friends!

As promised I am going to give you a long winded blog post about why we chose the Chicco Liteway umbrella stroller above all the rest.

First off, I googled “best umbrella strollers” and came across this link that was very helpful when I was narrowing down the choices.

I knew I didn’t want to spend a TON of money on a new stroller.. after all we do have a super awesome Bob that we use at home daily.  But I knew that the Bob wasn’t going to work as our everyday going shopping or to the mall stroller.  Cue umbrella stroller google search.  I really wanted to keep the cost under $150, I know what you are thinking “$150 for a stinkin’ umbrella stroller you are out of your mind.”  I am crazy but I know that we will be using this stroller for future babies and for Liam for a few years.

But then there is the question of, “well why didn’t you just get a double stroller?” Simply put I didn’t want to shell out the $500 for the double stroller that I really want.  Maybe we will start saving up and purchase a double stroller in the future.. But right now this is what we have.

Okay so keeping it under $150 narrows down the choices from the top 17 umbrella strollers a bit, additionally on the website they have pros and cons so that you can look at what you want in a stroller and get the one that fits your needs.

After asking my friends on facebook and a nice long walk in the Bob we decided that having a reclining feature in our new stroller was a must:


Some features we wanted:

– Big undercarriage basket
– Full recline:
– Big canopy
– Long handles (so that Erik wouldn’t kick the wheels as he walked)
– easy fold up
-comfy seat
-removable/washable seat

I narrowed it down to 4 strollers:

The Uppababy G-Luxe




The Chicco Liteway




The Chicco Liteway Plusplus2



And the Uppababy G-Lite



We took a family trip to Buy Buy baby to test out the strollers and came back with a shiny new one.


It’s funny because I really wanted the Uppababy G-lite at first, but then realized that it did not recline, so that was out.  And quite frankly the Uppababy G-Luxe looks cheap.  Erik and I just didn’t like the way it looked, and well it was well over our budget so it was easy to knock that one out of the way.  The Chicco Liteway Plus wasn’t on the list of best strollers because it is new.  It is almost exactly like the Chicco Liteway, except that it adapts so that you can use it with your car seat! WHA!!!!  Awesome feature!



Unfortunately, it made the stroller really heavy, and it was an extra $40 for that feature.  We did debate about it for quite a bit, actually maybe it was just me in my head debating on it but we decided that we didn’t need the car seat adapting feature.  I might regret that in a few weeks but for now I am happy with our purchase.

The Chicco Liteway has a full recline, and pretty nice sized canopy and a decent sized basket.  The basket even comes off and doubles as a drawstring backpack.  Something I probably won’t use right now, but it could be a nice feature to have.  The wheels are a good size and they are far enough away from the user that you aren’t kicking the stroller with every step.  The front wheels swivel, similar to the Bob’s front wheel, so that you can maneuver this bad boy with one hand!

I guess it also doesn’t hurt that with the 20% off coupon and the $10 gift card I bought this stroller for $106. WOOT.  So there you have it. If anyone has any other questions feel free to email me or leave me a comment and I will answer them.  By the way, I am in no way shape or form in cahoots with Chicco, I purchased this stroller on my own and the reviews and opinions are my own.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


One thought on “Choosing an Umbrella Stroller

  1. Mom's Best Stroller says:

    That was a deal breaker for me to when I found out that the G-lite doesn’t recline. Although the G-Luxe ain’t that bad. It’s pretty handy for me since it’s light and I like its adjustable footrest and recline feature let my baby sleep comfortably. Otherwise, the Chicco Liteway is also a good choice.


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