22 Weeks

Hello friends!

Time is flying by…seriously… We are going to blink and Liam is going to be 6 months old…cue Fourth of July fabric


I also have a feeling these pictures are going to get harder and harder to take because he is going to want to start moving around more. My sister has been having a grand old time being at home with Liam all day.

20130624_134022_2 20130624_133549

He absolutely loves the color red and anything that spins… For example.. this little ladybug

20130627_121148 20130627_121101

He can sit and spin that thing for hours, okay maybe not hours but a long time.  He still also loves eating everything, I feel bad for this butterfly

20130627_123841 20130627_123839

Haha. As I mentioned yesterday, we started Liam on solids on Tuesday.  I still need to get the consistency and temperature right, and once I do I think he will love it.  I plan on giving him avocado on Friday to see how he does with that.  I hope he loves it as much as his mommy and daddy do.

20130702_064040 20130702_064052

Liam can now also sit up for about 30 seconds without me holding onto him. He gets mad when he isn’t sitting upright, and of course he still does not like tummy time.  We do it everyday, but it doesn’t get any easier.  That is unless I follow my own advice and do tummy time in the morning when he is in the best mood.


We have also been having nighttime diaper issues…He would wake up at midnight soaking wet!  Now that we are using the Huggies overnights, he has only had one nighttime accident.  I wonder if it is because he is drinking too much before he goes to bed.  We might have to start cutting out the nighttime bottle.  We have been reducing the amount slowly, we were giving him 4 oz, last week I started with 3.5.. down to 3 and Sunday night I only have him 2 oz.  Last night we didn’t give him a bottle, and he woke up crying at around midnight but we went in and put his paci in his mouth and he put himself back to sleep, then didn’t wake up again until almost 4am WOOT.


We don’t really have a feeding schedule.. he sort of dictates when he wants to eat, and I think that needs to stop sooner rather than later.  I will try and get him on a more routine eating schedule this week.. we will see how that goes!

Alright that’s enough yakking for today.

I hope everyone has a great day!




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